A Serralharia Paulo A. Carvalho Unip. Lda é uma empresa de serralharia civil que opera no sector desde 1997. Inicialmente fundada em nome individual, a empresa começa por ficar estabelecida na moradia do seu fundador, em Joane, onde se dedica em exclusivo à execução de trabalhos em ferro.

Com o decorrer do tempo e o aumento da produção surge a necessidade de adequar a empresa aos novos desafios, pelo que é constituída, em 2001, a atual sociedade por quotas designada de Serralharia Paulo A. Carvalho Unip. Lda.

Posteriormente muda de instalações para um armazém situado em Mogege, no Concelho de V.N. Famalicão, onde se encontra atualmente, passando assim de uma área de apenas 120m2 para uma área de 1000m2.

This new space makes it possible to acquire large machinery such as specialized cutting, bending and calendering machines, which assisted with the know-how of our technical team and the use of software specialized in design, allows the company to broaden and diversify its range of products and services offered.

Currently the company performs works in iron, stainless steel, aluminum and corten steel, obtaining from them, a diversity of products, such as: gates, railings, windows, doors, railings, stairs, partitions, various metal structures to support the production of the industry. textile and decoration structures or incorporation into furniture.

In addition to these products, it sells and installs automations, sectional doors, folding doors, façade cladding and sandwich panel covers.

In the last two decades the company has grown solidly in the domestic market and since 2011, which has invested in its internationalization through the exportation of its products to the foreign market, which are Switzerland and France.

The company has been able to adapt easily to new experiences and challenges, and it is current practice to work closely with the customer in developing technical and innovative solutions for their projects.


Our mission is to be able to develop suitable and differentiated products for clients' specific projects and needs, acting in partnership and co-creation with each one of them, using aesthetically appealing and functional certified resources and materials, with safe and adequate installation for each one. product. In short, our motto is: Helping our clients find the best solutions for their projects.


Serralharia Paulo A. Carvalho Unipessoal, Lda aims to be a reference company in its sector, particularly in the production, installation and marketing of products and solutions of excellence, investing in a constant improvement of the technical and human resources necessary to always offer the best. best service within its business.


The values ​​that Paul A. Carvalho Unipessoal Lda believes are shared by all its employees and are based above all on professionalism, trust, respect, humility and integrity. In this sense, we seek to adopt good practices and socially responsible principles.

Areas of expertise of our company